Lake Garda

Garda is a great Mediterranean lake, blessed by the Italian sun. In the heart of Europe, both physically and culturally, it is a freshwater "mare" surrounded by villages and mountains.

Find out more about things to do in and around Lake Garda.

Below are some of our favourites:


Sirmione is a village on a peninsula stretching into Lake Garda and one of the most popular sights. The castle and Roman ruins feature in every information booklet about Lake Garda.



Isola Garda

The Island is situated a short distance from Salo'.

It owes its fascination to the extraordinary Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli at the beginning of the 20th century; an imposing harmonious building, rich in surprising architectonic details. 


Ferry on the Lake

Spend a day hopping around the lake with one of the ferries and visit villages all around Lake Garda.




Salo’ is a stunning Italian village situated on the shores of the South West side of Lake Garda.  Salo’ offers many restaurant choices and bars. Regular events are organised by the town especially during the summer months.


Salo’ is a perfect location for beach sunbathing or to hire a boat for lake trips.


You can also take ferries/public boats to reach other Lake Garda locations for day trips, with frequents departure times throughout the day.

Find out more about things to do in and around Salo'.

The Beach



Salo' Village




Shops and Restaurants




Events in and around Salo' and Lake Garda

Go to VISIT GARDA to find our more details about all the exciting events in and around Lake Garda.

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